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What is m360?

A software platform with the mission to simplify the way all funders like churches, non profits, and businesses identify, validate, fund and manage receivers while providing both funders and receivers with regular reporting tools so they know their real-time impact.  The end goal is to produce more funding for greater impact.

What is a Funder?

Someone who gives financial support.

What is a Receiver?

Someone who receives financial support.

Who uses m360?

A variety of users including: charities, churches, corporations, donor-advised funds, faith-based missionaries, non-profits, private/public foundations, and philanthropists.

How many receivers can a funder support through m360?


What customer support is available from m360?

Customer support is done through live chat, email, and text messaging.

Is there a contract for m360 and can I cancel?

30 day termination notice required for funders to cancel.

What does m360 cost?

Receivers: No cost to use m360 BASIC ACCESS. Premium upgrades are available.

Funders: Cost is determined by usage - packages start as low as $49/month. Learn more here.

What additional tools can a receiver gain access to on m360?

mPACT Stats & mPACT Stories is a custom reporting solution that can be purchased to use for internal reporting management and external donor reporting.

What is m360?
Additional Tools?
What is a Funder?
What is a Receiver?
Who Uses m360?
How Many Receivers Can I Support?
Is Customer Support Available?
Is There A Contract?
What Does m360 Cost?
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